Tuesday, April 25, 2017

[398] Airline industry companies court MTSU aerospace students

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — Nearly 20 airline industry companies came calling, courting potential job seekers from the MTSU Department of Aerospace.

More than 250 MTSU students and several others expressed their interest during the annual MTSU Aerospace Career Fair Thursday (April 6) in the Business and Aerospace Building’s first floor south lobby.

Aerospace holds a career fair to enable its students to meet airline industry pilots, staff and human resources personnel to discuss careers in the profession.

Christina Hiers, an assistant professor in aerospace in charge of the fair, said the growth of the event has been phenomenal, to the point of switching to a larger campus venue.

Since the aviation industry is booming, we had a record number of companies participating this year,” Hiers said. “We anticipate having even more participants next year and moving the event to the Student Union Building.

Eleven regional airlines, two maintenance providers, four flight schools and several other aviation firms attended. Among those sending representatives were Envoy Air, ExpressJet Airlines, PSA, Mesa Airlines and Nashville International Airport.

Perry Cox of Smyrna, Tennessee, an MTSU senior professional pilot major who graduates in December, said industry reps offered resume tips in his first venture to the career fair.

“I get to do a lot of updating on my resume,” he said. “They gave me on-the-spot pointers.”

Dana Zaher, a senior MTSU flight dispatch major, said she “met a lot of friendly people” during the more than one hour she spent visiting with the companies.

Hiers said several companies sent MTSU alumni as representatives.

The students love to see MTSU alumni working and recruiting in the aviation industry,” she said. “As a department, we love seeing how eager companies are to recruit our aerospace students.”

Hiers said the next fair is scheduled in April 2018 during the annual Alumni Spring Showcase.

Aerospace concentrations include administration, flight dispatch, maintenance management, pro pilot, technology and unmanned aircraft systems operations. For more information, call 615-898-2788 or visit http://www.mtsu.edu/programs/index.php.

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