Thursday, April 11, 2013

[401] ‘It’s Time’ … for MTSU students to priority register April 1-12

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MURFREESBORO — It’s Time. Yes, spring has sprung and It’s Time for all you sleepy heads, procrastinators and forgetful college students to realize now’s the time to register for MTSU summer and fall 2013 classes during the priority registration period in the first 12 days of April.

A strong marketing effort by MTSU officials is under way to spread the word that it’s to the students’ benefit to register now, not later. Parents also should know It’s Time for their sons and daughters to priority register.

“Too many students wait ’til late to select classes and then are disappointed that they can’t get the courses or the time slots that they want or need,” said Dr. Deb Sells, vice president for Student Affairs and vice provost for Enrollment and Academic Services.

“We want to encourage them to help us to help them — by registering during this priority registration period, we will be able to better judge which additional classes need to be added to satisfy demand and need,” she added.

Important reminders for students include:

• priority registration runs from Monday, April 1, through Friday, April 12. Check your RaiderNet account for your assigned registration time;

• meet with your adviser before class selection;

• check your RaiderNet account for any holds that must be resolved before priority registration. Holds include parking tickets, library fines and fulfillment of meeting the adviser. (Students should check their MTSU email regularly, especially this time of year, for emails regarding holds, advising and deadlines.)

• students should reference the online registration guide for important dates and deadlines for summer and fall 2013. These can be found at

Students Affairs has collaborated with MTSU Marketing and Communications’ Doug Williams and Creative and Visual Services to obtain “It’s Time” banners and door hangers that will be placed in high-traffic areas like the Student Union and Cope Administration buildings, and other locations.

“Students should know that when they see the ‘It’s Time’ logo it means that an important time period or event is approaching, such as advising, priority registration or the fee payment deadline,” said Cathy Kirchner, university registrar.

“It is a myth that students can wait until the purge to register and get a good selection of classes,” Sells said. “Fewer and fewer students are being purged each semester, so if students don’t take advantage of priority registration, they may miss out completely on the classes they want and need.

“We need students to clear their outstanding bills, see their academic advisers now and get registered for summer and fall. We also encourage students to use their summers wisely.”

Sells said to graduate in four years with 120 credit hours, they must complete 30 credit hours each calendar year. If they have not accumulated 30 credits in the past fall and current spring semester, they will need to take courses this summer to catch up.

For questions or for more information, contact the Registration Help Line at 615-898-5094.


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