Monday, January 27, 2014

[333] Atlanta-based ExpressJet hires six MTSU flight instructors; Partnership grows between company, aerospace program

MURFREESBORO — An agreement between the Middle Tennessee State University aerospace department and College Park, Ga.-based ExpressJet recently paid dividends when six university flight instructors were hired after all completed the same-day interview process.

All six — Patrick Brightman of Cordova, Tenn., Leland Waite of Meridan, Idaho, Alex Neal of Sweetwater, Tenn., Jarred Timok of Glen Allen, Va., Justin Forbess of Munford, Tenn., and Ethan Rawdon of Hohenwald, Tenn. — will join ExpressJet at various times in the coming months.

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“For all six to get hired is a real testimony to how hard they worked and how much time they put into their efforts with their students,” said Paul Mosey, MTSU’s chief flight instructor at the Flight Operations Center at Murfreesboro Airport. He said it marked the first time ExpressJet ventured to a university for a mass interview.

“All of us are very near to our flight hours to move on to the airlines,” Waite said. “ExpressJet has chosen MTSU as one of their programs to source pilots. … As MTSU graduates, they know that we deliver professional pilots who are prepared and ready to move on and go into the airlines.”

Mosey said all six came through the nationally known aerospace program, and earned their private instrument, commercial, multiengine, certified flight instructor and other certifications along the way.

“Students can start the hiring process well before they graduate so they are essentially hired ahead of time as long as they pass the early interview process,” Mosey said.

Mosey added that the daylong interview process included numerous written computer tests on aircraft systems, airline operations, personality tests and cognitive skills testing. Also, the six prospects had one-on-one interviews with airline pilots and human resources personnel from ExpressJet, whose headquarters are in an Atlanta suburb.

“I’m very proud of them and proud of our program,” Mosey said. “It shows how well-prepared MTSU aerospace and pro pilots are for the workforce. … I wish them the best of luck.”

“We’re looking forward to more people getting hired by ExpressJet and other airlines,” Mosey added.

In addition to professional pilot, other aerospace concentrations include administration, technology, flight dispatch and maintenance management. Aerospace’s special programs include air traffic control training and a new class in unmanned aerial systems technology. 

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