Monday, June 05, 2017

[466a] MTSU promotes Mental Health Awareness Month with ‘mood board’

In observance of national Mental Health Awareness Month in May, MTSU psychology professor Ellen Slicker partnered with Insight Counseling Centers earlier this week to highlight the benefit of students in need seeking appropriate counseling to “restore lives to wholeness.”
A “mood board” was displayed from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday and Tuesday in the Student Union atrium, where Insight staff set up an information booth with brochures and a “mood board.” The board held more than 20 different multicolored stickers with words such as “confident” or “sad” in white lettering.
Public Relations major Brandon Richmond chose the bright yellow sticker of “joy” when he approached the board and admitted that counseling has helped him throughout his college career.
"The college experience is a journey. I think having somebody to keep you level-headed, mindful and awake is what counseling is," he said.
Richmond said he has experienced counseling both on and off campus and believes it helps you refocus.
A licensed psychologist and Insight advisory board member, Slicker brought in Insight Counseling to spread the word about off-campus services available in Middle Tennessee. She hopes the annual awareness event will increase the number of students and faculty who receive professional assistance, whether on campus or off.
“It's extremely important, and you have a wonderful counseling center here on campus,” she said. “I'm connected with the professional counseling services here on campus, and we also have a counseling center over at the MTSU Miller Education Center. Counseling is free over there.”
MTSU's main counseling center is located at the Keathley University Center, Room 326-S. For more information on MTSU’s counseling services, call 615-898-2670 or visit  

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