Monday, November 21, 2016

[209] Food for thought: MTSU dining cashiers urge student registration

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — Along with the food they will eat, MTSU students have received a friendly reminder as they use cash or their ID card to pay for their meals this week.

Sporting T-shirts that say “It’s Time to Register! Nov. 15-18,” caring MT Dining employees are urging students to complete priority registration for the spring 2017 semester in McCallie Dining Hall and RaiderZone in the James Union Building.

A partnership between the Office of Student Success and MT Dining emphasizes priority registration for the spring 2017 semester — and the method is working.

“Wednesday, I ate at the RaiderZone and was floored by how the cashiers were engaging the students,” said Vincent Windrow, vice provost for Student Success.

At the RaiderZone Nov. 17, associate professor Donald Campbell came up with this assessment: “You’ve got to eat. You’ve got to register.”

Just weeks before finals and with the Thanksgiving holiday break approaching, the cashiers are spreading the word so students do not wait until the last minute to register and be able to cross this important item off their to-do list.

“This is an incredible example of one of Dr. (Sidney A.) McPhee’s 10 keys to student success,” Windrow said. “We want the first-year students to understand how registering now positions them for success next semester. And, man, have they been on it — and we owe a lot of credit to the cashiers.”

For RaiderZone cashier Alicia Grimes of Murfreesboro, her ability to share with students “just comes naturally,” she said. “I care (about the students). I love our students.”

Aaliyah Gray, 18, a sophomore from the Bahamas, said she has registered and she’s “glad they’re concerned that everyone’s registered.” She added she just had “seen Mr. Vinny (Windrow). He asked if I had registered and asked about my classes this semester.”

In McCallie, cashier June Campbell of Murfreesboro said the registration awareness message is reaching students.

“They say, ‘I’ve already registered’ or ‘I’m waiting ’til Friday,’” she said. “I normally wear a black chef’s jacket. Most of the students look at my shirt and notice something’s different. … I think it’s a good thing to remind them. They are busy with midterms and other things. The shirt’s another visual reminder.”

Brandi Thomas, 19, a freshman from Memphis, Tennessee, just changed her major, from nursing to education and plans to meet with her adviser. She definitely “likes the idea” of the cashiers reminding them about registration.

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