Friday, June 03, 2016

[519] Madison Tracy takes the reins as president of MTSU student government

MURFREESBORO — As MTSU students prepare to deal with sweeping changes, its Student Government Association president prepares to keep them in the loop.

Madison Tracy, a rising senior majoring in public relations, is primed to put her chosen field of study to use in bringing the student community and its representatives closer together.

“I eventually saw a disconnect between the students and SGA, and I realized while I was campaigning last year that a lot of students didn’t really know what SGA did,” said Tracy.

The Murfreesboro native and Buchanan scholar brings considerable experience to her new position. She was student body president at Central Magnet School for three years. At MTSU, Tracy has served on the freshman council and has served as vice president of marketing for the executive board.

“With each different position, I kind of got to see every different area of the SGA, and I really liked how they reached out to students and how every area was important,” said Tracy.

To emphasize that message, Tracy created Facebook and Instagram pages titled “Humans of MTSU.” The social media pages, which are based on blogger Brandon Stanton’s “Humans of New York” website, show various members of the MTSU community and enables them to tell their stories. They can be accessed at and

Tracy is intent on helping students understand the ramifications of the Focus on College and University Success, or FOCUS Act, the next step in Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam’s plan to attain a goal of 55 percent of adult Tennesseans having a postsecondary degree or certificate by 2025.

That plan involves a reorganization of higher education that will remove MTSU and other four-year institutions from Tennessee Board of Regents governance and establish individual governing boards for each university affected.

“With public relations and messaging, I want to bring that down to a very applicable, understandable thing for the students,” said Tracy, who is a member of MTSU’s FOCUS Act Transition Team.

Tracy also wants the students to understand MT Engage, the university’s blueprint for keeping students connected with the relevance of their classroom learning to their lives and careers.

The oldest of seven children, Tracy was homeschooled by her mother until the sixth grade, when she enrolled at Middle Tennessee Christian School. Her mother is a substitute teacher at Northside Elementary School. Her father is a claims specialist in arbitration for State Farm Insurance.

“Because they believed in me and because they gave so much for us to go to college, I’m so thankful and just feel really blessed to have parents like that,” Tracy said.

For more information about MTSU’s Student Government Association, go to To contact Tracy, send an email to or call 615-898-2464.

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