Tuesday, June 11, 2013

[526] Sign up young investigators for CSI:MTSU 2013 summer camp

MURFREESBORO — CSI:MTSU is back for its seventh summer camp, and there’s still time for curious young investigators to sign up to follow the trail of evidence!

CSI:MTSU is a four-day program for area students who'll be entering ninth through 12th grades or their college freshman year. This year's camp is scheduled June 18-21 at MTSU.

Sponsored by MTSU's Forensic Institute for Research and Education, CSI:MTSU lets students explore career opportunities in forensic science, gives them real-life support for higher level math and science courses and helps develop skills in teamwork, seeing and understanding details, critical thinking and making presentations.

Registration is $250 per student, which includes all camp activities, labs, lunch, snacks and a CSI:MTSU T-shirt for each camper. For more information or to register online, visit http://www.csimtsu.com and click on the "CSI:MTSU Camp" link. You also can call 615-494-7713.

The CSI:MTSU campers will be faced with a re-creation of an actual crime scene on their first day. They'll be divided into teams to solve the crime with the help of forensic professionals serving as coaches.

Campers will learn the fundamentals of collecting and processing all the evidence they’ve seen on their favorite crime procedural shows, including fingerprints, fibers, DNA, shoe prints and simulated blood spatter. They’ll learn how to conduct interviews and develop theories as a team, then they’ll present their findings and conclusions to a panel of forensic scientists on the last day of camp.

Along with CSI:MTSU camps, the Forensic Institute for Research and Education, established in 2006 by MTSU anthropology professor Dr. Hugh Berryman, offers free public lectures featuring renowned forensic science experts each semester.

FIRE also provides regular educational and training opportunities for law enforcement, medical examiners, coroners, attorneys, social workers and other groups in forensic science and homeland security.

You can learn more about FIRE by visiting http://www.mtsu.edu/fire or emailing fire@mtsu.edu.


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