Thursday, April 29, 2010

[445] Horst Is First Recipient Of New Aerospace Scholarship At MTSU

April 27, 2010
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The Department of Aerospace at Middle Tennessee State University has recently announced the endowment of a new scholarship, the Tiara Foundation Chair Award of Excellence, and named its first recipient, junior pro pilot major Kevin Horst, a native of Monterey, Tenn. in Overton County.The scholarship, endowed by an alum who wishes to remain anonymous, will be presented as an annual gift to one student from the aerospace program. The first award of $10,000 will be presented to Horst, 23, at the aerospace awards banquet in September.Horst, who works part time at the MTSU flight school, said he will use this scholarship to pay for his flight training. He has already completed the four required flight ratings for pro-pilot majors and plans on working towards complete certification as a flight instructor this summer."To get a job in the airline world or commercial aviation you have to have flight hours and experience," Horst said. "I hope to flight instruct part time and keep going to school full time. I'll build up enough hours as I'm going through school that I'll be able to go ahead and find an airline job shortly after I graduate."The recipient of The Tiara Foundation Chair Award of Excellence is selected from applicants with a GPA of 3.5 or higher based on an essay, in which students describe the attributes of an aerospace professional and how they strive to exemplify them. The Department of Aerospace offers over 20 scholarships, totaling more than $20,000 in aid for its students.Horst encourages aerospace students to take advantage of the financial aid available to them. "If you meet the criteria, take the time to apply. I had no idea I would get this award," he said. "Filling out the application and writing the essay doesn't take very long, so why not? You're not going to get it if you don't apply."Aerospace students interested in applying for financial aid may do so through the Department of Aerospace website at attributes his success to Alpha Eta Rho, an international professional aviation fraternity of which he is the current chapter president. "I think that really helped; I got a lot of leadership experience from Alpha Eta Rho," Horst said. "I encourage aerospace majors to check us out. We're always looking for committed, hard-working people."Horst is scheduled to graduate in December 2011."My goal is to get a job here in the MTSU flight school as an instructor. I'm working towards that for now, and then I'll possibly get into the airlines after I'm done here."


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