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Jan. 13, 2009

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MURFREESBORO—Having received sufficient pledged funding a year ago to proceed with the first three phases of Homer Pittard Campus School renovation, officials are pleased with the progress that has been made on 80-year-old building, especially in the crucial areas of ADA compliance and safety.
Along with the $2.6 million committed by the Rutherford County commission, the Christy-Houston Foundation and MTSU pledged $1 million each, which enabled the renovation project to move forward. The bid was awarded last June, and workers began in earnest about two weeks before teachers returned for the fall semester, said Dr. Stan Baskin, Campus School principal.
Safety considerations were first on the list, Baskin said. “They hit it hard,” he said. “They took out all the glued-on ceiling tiles because they did not meet fire code. They removed the remaining tiles in two kindergarten rooms over the Christmas break. “The wiring is about 75 percent done, and the sprinkler system is probably about 75 percent done.”
When those projects are completed, the building will have all new electrical wiring, and every room in the building will have an automatic sprinkler system. Baskin added that new chillers have been installed, and about half of the blower units connected to the heating/cooling units have been put in place.
“Safety, efficiency and comfort—we have to have those things,” he noted.
Construction of the ADA ramp and elevator began last August. Baskin said the elevator will be finished by the first of August, “but I’ve heard they might be able to finish it by late February or March.”
The ramp on the northwest corner of the building leading to the ground-floor elevator will make it possible for people to access all three floors of the building.
“We’ve never really had a child who could not navigate the stairs adequately,” Baskin said. “But we have had several instances over the years when parents and grandparents could not get to the third floor for a classroom program. Sometimes they would just have to miss the program. Access to all three floors of the building is very important.”
“We excited about the progress being made with the Campus School renovations and the partnership we have developed with MTSU during the project,” commented Harry Gill Jr., director of Rutherford County Schools. “Many wonderful teachers in Rutherford County have benefited from the mentoring program at Campus, and the school is a valued part of our school district.”
“It is especially important to note that in determining project priorities, safety was and is the number one consideration,” Dr. Sidney A. McPhee, MTSU president, added. “I am grateful to the county and Campus School officials, to Christy-Houston and to the many parents for their interest in making these much-needed improvements while also striving to preserve the school’s historical integrity. Campus School will continue to be a crown jewel of which all of us can be proud.”
“A lot of people came together to make this work, and we’re appreciative of all of them,” Baskin said. “Everyone is excited about things being finished.”
The fourth phase of the Campus School renovation will include the brick work and plumbing.


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